Mission Accomplished

The Great Falls Centennial Grant (4302) is completely funded as of July 24, 2013, and now joins the list of sponsored grants.  In 2006 our Branch voted to fund a grant honoring the 2014 Centennial of the Branch. It was a challenging effort as members were determined to continue supporting our local scholarship programs and other philanthropic programs such as HANDS and local libraries. Our savings provided the required start up dollars, but since then all Branch contributions have been funded by individual members, fundraising projects such as the “green” bags, or the incredibly successful book sale, as well as donations from AAUW Branches and members across Montana. As of May 1, 2013, we needed $2,634 to complete.  Forty five individuals responding to a nationwide AAUW appeal took us over the finish line.

We thank them all.

However, you, the members of the Great Falls Branch, were the ones who took the leap of faith and did the hard work. Thank you for your commitment, creativity and persistence. YOU did it!

Barb Chigbrow
Jo Stevenson